The RACS Seminar

Realistic Advanced Critical Skills

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For the law abiding citizen that is dead serious about prevailing over crisis events that the lesser trained individual will not survive, RACS is the seminar for you! Taught by a retired police Sgt. and international level trainer of law enforcement instructors, RACS is a high-powered, fast-paced, classroom style seminar. It’s supported by dynamic visuals (over 600 slides), 50+ unforgettable video clips, and startling live demonstrations; combined with entertaining teaching analogies and real world examples, for an experience you’ll remember forever! Far surpassing many aspects of conventional law enforcement training; RACS gives you essential guidance to help you develop the cognitive and psychomotor skills necessary to emerge victorious in a life-threatening encounter. The most crucial components of the RACS Seminar are applicable to not only armed or unarmed defense against acts of violence, but to any high-stress, life-threatening event such as accidents, and natural disasters as well.

Perpetually updated, upgraded, and revised, RACS is an eclectic, synergistic collection of premier, cutting edge, integral principles; which incorporates preeminent tactical training material developed by some of the world's foremost instructor/trainers. RACS covers a wide spectrum of critical tactics, techniques, and concepts to help you avoid and evade violent conflict; and to help you optimize your abilities and performance when violence become ineludible. There's a reason RACS attendees have traveled from: MI, IN, OH, MO, PA, CT, MD, NY, FL, and Canada; all the way to Michigan, to attend. It's not just a seminar; it's an experience that may save your life!

The original RACS acronym was for Realistic Advanced Combatives Seminar. and required all attendees to already have their concealed carry license. However, RACS subject matter has evolved and expanded over the last twelve years. In addition to armed and unarmed combative principles, foundational topics also include: detection of danger, avoidance and evasion of violent conflict, as well as other top-tier personal safety, skill-building, and training concepts. Due to the seminar's evolution and the continual upgrades and revisions, we felt the moniker Realistic Advanced Critical Skills is now a more accurate descriptor. At the repeated request of many of our attendees, we have dropped the “for-CCW-holders-only” requirement to attend. Many people have told us that if their spouse or loved ones could attend, RACS would help them understand why concealed carry can be critical. We believe that is correct, and this seminar will not only help keep them safer; but help them make better-informed decisions about the responsibilities and realities of being armed and/or unarmed.

RACS does not encourage or condone "vigilante justice." We will always recommend that you avoid or evade violent conflict, but the reality of the world today is this. The day may come where you are forced to fight for you and your family’s lives. We want you to be better prepared for the terrible day that we all hope will never come to pass.

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Are you a member of a gun club or other organization that would be interested in hosting a RACS Seminar at your location? Seminars can be customized for specific groups and potential hazards they may face. Contact us for details.

”Anyone that carries or plans to carry a gun should attend this class; it may save your life. It’s the best $99 you’ll ever spend on training, period."”
-Douglas W., Gregory, MI

“This course should be the Gold Standard by which all others are measured. RACS dispels the myths and teaches you to effectively train to not just survive a deadly encounter, but prevail!”
- Vernon P., Dearborn, MI

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