The RACS Seminar

Realistic Advanced Critical Skills

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Seminar Content

+ Developing the "Combative Mind."

+ How to program your mind to respond to a deadly threat without hesitation or indecision.

+ Facing the enemy: an overview of modern day predators and their unbelievable mindset.

+ Understanding Body Alarm Reactions and Adrenaline Overloads. Learn to minimize their negative effects and fight through natural stress responses.

+ Street and battlefield proven methods for diminishing the effects of fear.

+ The military’s OODA Loop in combat. How it can enhance your tactical advantage in any armed or unarmed confrontational training system.

+ The SIG principle, the three "S" test, NUM, and Hick’s Law. Four concepts that you will use for the rest of your life to select armed and unarmed combative techniques and tactics, for your personal tactical tool-chest.

+ Why “survival” is not a high enough standard as a primary goal during a violent encounter, and what you must replace it with!

+ The most important thing you can do to minimize your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime.

+ The Seven Secret Keys to minimizing your combat reaction time.

+ Understanding armed response from the police perspective; and how to avoid potential deadly mistakes when law enforcement arrives.

+ The Combatives Proficiency Pyramid: How to build competencies in a synergistic order to maximize your abilities.

+ Instilling a relentless, undying commitment to keep fighting, even when injured and in incredible pain.

+ AEC: the three rules of engagement that apply to all potential violent encounters.

+ IAO: a critical combative concept that can spell the difference between life and death.

+ The Flawless Four and more. Gun safety rules presented like never before.

+ Tactical v. Tacti-cool training, and how to tell the difference.

+ How to instantly and immediately eradicate a common human trait that causes extended (and potentially deadly) lag time.

+ Concepts and principles of personal protection.

+ The Primary Neutralization Zone: a three dimensional look at your adversary, and why training to shoot “center mass” is just not good enough.

+ The absolute truth about handgun knockdown power.

+ The Active Shooter: simple concepts to help you follow the best course of action.

+ Concepts for Empty Hand Combat. Including sources for realistic, street-proven-effective self-defense for the non-martial artist, requiring minimal training time.

+ VMBR, and how it will greatly enhance your armed and unarmed performance while engaged in personal combat.

+ And more!

Please understand and expect that this is not a watered-down, feel good seminar that will give you an unrealistic overconfidence in your abilities. You will be given the bitter, and sometimes frightening truth; view things that will make you uneasy, and chances are good your paradigm of life will be positively altered forever.

+ All seminar attendees will receive a certificate of attendance, suitable for framing and affixed with the instructor's signature.

The seminar content is constantly reviewed, revised, and updated as necessary to ensure continuous optimum quality. We reserve the right to make changes (additions and/or deletions of content) as we deem necessary, and without notice, to maintain our standard of excellence.

“I thought about this several times, but after the RACS seminar it REALLY hit me: "This is life changing information." I look forward to one day being able to attend one of your classes once again, Thank you.”
- John B., Livonia, Michigan. US Army 13 years & Desert Storm Veteran

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Are you a member of a gun club or professional organization that would be interested in hosting a RACS Seminar at your location? Seminars can be customized for specific groups and potential hazards they may face. Contact us for details.

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