The RACS Seminar

Realistic Advanced Critical Skills

You can attend RACS if you meet the following requirements:

1. You are at least 21 years of age.
2. You are not a fugitive from justice and not under a Felony indictment.
3. You have never been convicted of Domestic Violence or Assault.
4. You have never been convicted of any Felony offense.
5. You have never been convicted of any offense involving possession, use, or trafficking in any illegal drug.
6. You are not dependent upon any illicit drug or alcohol.
7. You are not under adjudication of mental incompetence.
8. You have a valid driver’s license. The question has previously arisen as to why we require a valid driver’s license for attendance. It is not only a form of identification, but also a symbol of personal responsibility. When a person falls from the personal responsibility bandwagon, and/or starts down the slippery slope of drug or alcohol abuse; one of the first things that he or she will lose is their driver’s license. To put it bluntly, we DO NOT want irresponsible people in the class, and chances are, neither do you.

After registering online or via US mail, you will simply have to show your driver’s license at the door to be admitted.

RACS registration now has a paperless option, with payment accepted via major credit cards through Paypal’s secure server service. Or you can register via US mail, with payment made by check or money order. To register for a RACS seminar, begin by clicking the appropriate link below. After completing the paperless (Paypal) registration process, you will be directed to a page with more detailed seminar attendance information. US mail registrations will be confirmed via email.

We WILL NOT sell, rent, or otherwise disseminate your personal information to any third party. The only exception to this policy would be dissemination as required by law. (e.g., Court Order, etc.)

Seating is limited, and we want attendees to be comfortable; so we will not overfill the classroom. If you try to wait until the last minute to register, you may not get in.

Cancellation Policy:
If you register and are then unable to attend this seminar, you are welcome to request a credit voucher toward a future seminar, or request a refund minus a $10 cancellation fee. Credit voucher requests must be received no later than five business days before the seminar. Refund requests must be received no later than ten business days before the seminar.


Seminar Tuition is Only $99.00

If you have any questions that are not answered by this website, please send us an email.

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Anyone that carries or plans to carry a gun should attend this class; it may save your life. It’s the best $99 you’ll ever spend on training, period.
-Douglas W., Gregory, MI